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Winter Ready!

Updated: Jul 3

It may be the middle of summer, but we've always got our event heads on at least three months into the future.

It's usually around this time that we settle into the (organised) chaos that is our summer events season, and start turning our mind to the winter season ahead.

With our offerings of premium stretch tents and bespoke built timber walls, we're proud to say that we're not only industry leaders in the summer months, but the winter too.

In winter we tend to step away from our weekly "up and down" event hires, and focus more on our longer term corporate clients who wish to offer aesthetic bar spaces for their winter season.

This has included pop-up bars and winter garden solutions as weather-proof extensions to city centre bar spaces, rooftop bar stretch tent coverage, terrace shelter, and outdoor seating for restaurants.

In lieu of grounded grass anchorage in the winter (soggy!) we opt for more creative rig systems such as wall anchor points, concrete ballasts, and trussing.

We understand that functionality is just as important as aesthetics - and luckily - we offer both! Our timber and polycarbonate side walls have been developed in-house, with the split design completely unique to Empty Quarter Events Ltd. Fitting beautifully under our stretch tents, our side walls act to weather-proof the structure.

Built standalone or as an additional space to a physical building, our winter stretch tent solutions are both beautiful, unique, and functional.

Looking for a winter bar extension? Drop us a message today!

Banyan Leeds City Square Stretch Tent

Thors Winter Garden, Briggate Leeds

Box Bar Rooftop Stretch Tent, Headingly Leeds

Banyan City Square Leeds. Stretch Tent with timber walling system

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